Write better policy briefings

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Badgers are brilliant communicators. They use sixteen distinct types of call, including the churr, the purr, the squeak and the yelp. And when it’s appropriate for their aims and their audience they use policy briefings to get their message across.

Tips for writing better policy briefings

In this short animation from Research to Action, a wise badger shares her advice for writing policy briefs:

The video was made as part of Research to Action’s Policy Brief Week in October 2014. Here are their tips for writing effective policy briefings:

  1. Know your audience and tailor your message
  2. Make sure your evidence is credible and robust
  3. Make your message clear and sharp
  4. Remember to be relevant, practical and inspiring
  5. Prepare to communicate your research

Policy brief writing resources

There are plenty more resources on their website, I think these are two of the best:

Here are a few more from other places:

And if you’re interested in the why of writing policy briefings as well as the how, this background note (PDF) from the Overseas Development Institute goes a little more in-depth.

I hope you find this post useful. If your policy briefings need a polish but you’re not lucky enough to have an in-house badger, just drop me a line.


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