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Key messages are the seeds of successful communications. They are short, shared expressions of the most important things you want to say to your target audiences about your organisation, about the issues you work on, or why they should support you.


Why you need key messages

Having a set of agreed key messages for your charity gives you three big advantages:

1) You don’t have to start from scratch every time you write a press release or a blog post or a speech. Rather than staring at a blank piece of paper you can use one of your messages as a foundation stone. This helps you move quickly when you need to, for example if you’re responding to a media query.

2) It’s easier to keep your communications focused and relevant. If the content you’re producing doesn’t contain at least one of your key messages, it’s probably not helping you achieve your communications goals. And if it’s not doing that, is it worth doing at all?

3) If you are a ‘brand guardian’ in your organisation a key message framework is a useful tool to help you get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet, ensuring your communications are consistent and freeing up your time to get on with other things.

The dangers of doing without key messages may be familiar: contradictions, long sign off processes, flabby copy, and missed opportunities.


However, ‘what do you most want to say?’ is a surprisingly tricky question, especially when lots of different departments or stakeholders are involved. Too often organisations try to say everything, which dilutes the impact of the messages which really matter. An outside pair of eyes can help you see the wood for the trees.


What I can offer you

Discover your key messages

I’m a wiz at spotting patterns and themes in the way that organisations speak about themselves.

In fact that’s where the idea for ‘Kestrel’ Copy came from; kestrels are sharp-eyed creatures and I can see your key messages even in the long grass.

Get in touch to arrange a simple conversation or a full facilitated workshop.


Refine your key messages

I’ve also got a knack for getting across big ideas in a few words. I’ll help you express even the most complex ideas and activities in simple, powerful phrases.

Contact me if you’d like a hand writing or refining your key messages.